Jessica Mauboy is thrilled to announce that her brand new album, SONGS FROM THE ORIGINAL TV SERIES – THE SECRET DAUGHTER has today debuted at #1 on the ARIA Album Chart. Jessica is the first Indigenous Australian to achieve this incredible milestone in the ARIA Chart History.


All of Australia has fallen in love with Jessica again since the debut three weeks ago of the Seven Network hit show, The Secret Daughter. Having already been applauded for her key acting roles in The Sapphires’ and Brand Nue Dae, Jessica shines in The Secret Daughter and has firmly put her own original stamp on its accompanying 17-track album that features some impressive and dynamic covers of familiar songs, alongside a handful of brand new original recordings, all of which encapsulate the storyline to good effect.

The album inspired by The Secret Daughter is equally fresh as it is familiar. It captures a salt-of-the-earth honesty that is in no doubt a reflection of its leading actress Jessica Mauboy. At the same time, it is important to note that this is a character-driven project, and the songs speak to the storyline and Billie Carter’s life and journey. Jessica Mauboy has excelled (again) in creating an artistic interpretation that takes the audience with her on an emotional and reaffirming journey of discovery.

“It was important for me to make sure these songs weren’t about Jessica Mauboy – they really had to embody the character of Billie Carter. Not all of it had to sound perfect, it should have to sound honest, and represent Billie,” Jessica says with clarity. “Generally I’m the type of artist who likes to stay in the studio for hours and hours to make my music sound the way I want it to, whereas these songs were all previously written and I just had to go into the studio and sing them as Billie Carter would. This album is all about her, not me. The little imperfections are really what make this album so interesting and honest – its music the way she would have recorded it. I am so proud of the work I’ve put into this project and this album, and I can’t wait to see what Australia thinks in the weeks ahead.”





On Friday morning Jess chatted live with the Sunrise cast before performing for the wedded-to-be couple Josh and Kiarna.


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After the chat, Jess performed a beautiful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ as Kiarna walked down the aisle.

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Jess then performed ‘Pop A Bottle’ for Josh and Kiarna’s first ever dance as a married couple.

See the heartwarming performance below:


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Jess Takes Over The Morning Show

Having already performed on The Morning Show on Tuesday and Wednesday, make sure you catch her live on Thursday and Friday morning as she performs classic and contemporary hits from her new album The Secret Daughter.
Click to watch Jess perform Ed Sheeran's Photograph

Click to watch Jess perform Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

Click to watch Jess perform Roxette's classic song It Must Have Been Love

Click to watch Jess perform Roxette’s classic song It Must Have Been Love

Jessica Mauboy releases ‘The Secret Daughter’ album!

Jessica Mauboy’s new album ‘The Secret Daughter’ is available today.


Accompanying The Secret Daughter television series is an exhilarating new album featuring some impressive and dynamic covers of familiar songs, alongside a handful of brand new original recordings, all of which encapsulate the storyline to good effect.

“Originally, since the series is about a singer, it was just going to be an album which featured some well-known cover songs. Whilst I was getting ready for the role, and over the time I was working on my method-acting training I started to think about the song “Risk It”, produced by the guys from DNA Songs, which I had recorded earlier in the year. The lyrics of the song were parallel to the story, which we hadn’t even started to film yet, and it just seemed like a natural fit. I brought it up in one of the music-production meetings and everyone just loved it. So even though it wasn’t written specifically for the series, it tells the story of Billie Carter and what she goes through, and so it was a perfect match and a great way to launch the album and TV series.”